Yassir A. Yassir


Dundee Dental School Park Place Dundee DD1 4HR

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Master Degree in Orthodontics (B.D.S., M.Sc. Ortho.)

Project title: Comparison of the effectiveness of orthodontic treatment between the 0.018-inch and the 0.022-inch bracket system (Randomised Clinical Trial Study)

Research subject area: Orthodontics

Supervisors: Professor David Bearn & Dr Grant McIntyre

Background: The 0.018-inch and 0.022-inch bracket slot systems are widely used by clinicians worldwide with some orthodontist claiming clinical advantages and superiority of one system over the other. However, the scientific evidence supporting this topic is scarce and weak. This study aimed to compare between these two main types of bracket slots in terms of their duration and effectiveness of treatment

Subjects and methods: This is a multicentre non-stratified randomised clinical trial designed in line with the CONSORT principles. It is a single blind, parallel group trial with equal randomisation Eligible participants were all patients with any type of malocclusion aged 12 years or over seeking orthodontic treatment. The primary objective of the study is to investigate if there is any difference between the two slot systems in terms of treatment duration. While secondary objectives are to investigate if there is any difference in terms of quality of treatment and patient’s satisfaction.