Professor of Operative Dentistry and Dental Materials Science, Hon Consultant in Restorative Dentistry


Division of Restorative Clinical Sciences
Dental Hospital & School
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Graduated from Newcastle in 1985 and was the first recipient of that school’s Tregarthen Postgraduate Research Studentship. This enabled him to conduct research on dental materials particularly upon the durability of potential alternatives to dental amalgam. This formed the basis of his PhD that was completed in 1988. It also introduced him to the field of 3 dimensional measurement, an interest that has endured, been developed and applied to clinically measure dental erosion. Such work has been recognised by the joint award of the Institute of Australian Surveyors R D Steele Prize,  the British Society for Restorative Dentistry Postgraduate Research Prize as well as the T C White Research Prize of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow.  He has been in post at Dundee University since 1990 and, as well as carrying out his clinical teaching, is also responsible for the teaching of dental materials science. His current research covers both dental erosion and applied materials. He has both published and presented widely in these fields. In addition, he is involved in both British (BSI) and International Standards (ISO) work relating to dental materials.

Clinical teaching covers both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

This includes teaching the operative procedures used in restorative dentistry together with methods of prevention of dental caries and erosion. I am also the lead for dental materials teaching and deliver a course, held over the five years of the undergraduate dental course that covers the science and application of these materials. It seeks to seeks to provide the necessary information for the students to:

  • facilitate the effective use of dental materials
  • permit clinical problem solving
  • promote effective dialogue within personnel within the profession (eg. Dentists, technicians, nurses, reps) and patients
  • provide patients with material information to enable them to make informed choices about their dental care and provide them with the necessary legal information about the nature of the materials used to manufacture their dental appliances

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