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  • Professor of Orthodontics
  • University Lead for Middle East & North Africa


David Bearn is Professor of Orthodontics at the University of Dundee.

He trained in Sheffield, then undertook his specialty orthodontic training in Newcastle and Carlisle before moving to Manchester where he completed his PhD in cleft lip and palate treatment outcomes.

His current research interests are in RCTs of orthodontic treatment, with particular reference to self-ligating systems and micro-implants.

He has 4 multi-centre RCTs currently active in addition to local single site trials.

He has led the development of the School of Dentistry project in Egypt and is Programme Lead for the innovative 'flying faculty' MSc in Orthodontics in Cairo.

Outside work he enjoys family life with his 3 children, supporting Newcastle United Football Club, reading trashy novels and seeking out good restaurants.

Research interests are related to the effective and efficient delivery of orthodontic and related care within primary and secondary care settings.

Current activities are:-

  • systematic reviewing including Cochrane reviews into digit sucking, methods to accelerate tooth movement and retention strategies

Current Randomised clinical trials:

  • Self-ligating appliances and conventional appliances
  • 018 and 022 orthodontic appliances
  • Tooth Mousse for post orthodontic white spots
  • Mini-screws for orthodontic anchorage
  • Effectiveness of orthodontic archwires


I deliver clinical teaching to undergraduate dental students on 2 clinical treatment sessions per week, with 4th year students delivering simple treatments.  In addition I deliver 45 seminars and 4 lectures in the orthodontic course.


I am Programme Lead for the MSc in Orthodontics delivered in Cairo with up to 60 students. 

I also supervise up to six postgraduate trainees on both NHS specialty training programmes and international graduate students in Dundee. 

I contribute to the Scotland Wide Orthodontic Programme, delivering 3 half day seminars to all Scottish trainees each year. 

In addition I supervise Masters projects for PG students.

Chair of the Intercollegiate Specialty Fellowship Examination Board and Examiners from Jan 2012-December 2015, having been an examiner and Board member since 2007.


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I am a regular speaker at National and International Conferences reporting the findings of Systematic Reviews and clinical trials.