Nuha Ashaibi


Dundee Dental School

Park Place



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Educational background:

BDS, Al-Fateh University, Libya (2007)

MDSc (Prosthodontics), University Of Dundee (2014)

Project Title: Localisation of Dental Pain in Man

PhD Supervisors: Professor Mark Hector, Dr Pauline Maillou and Dr Andrew Mason

Background: Dental pain is not always easy for a patient to locate to a specific tooth. The history and nature of the presenting condition together with an examination and relevant investigations may allow the dentist to reach a diagnosis and thus determine which tooth requires treatment .However, this is not always possible and a “wait and see” approach which is less than ideal may have to be adopted.

Aim: Investigate the factors that affect localisation of dental pain and ways that can help patients to identify source of pain in earlier stage of disease to facilitate management.

Methodology: The study design consists of three series:

Series 1: Determine subjects’ ability to localise stimuli delivered by bipolar electrical stimuli applied to teeth.

Series 2: Initiate physiological mechanism (DNIC) and observe the effect on the accuracy of localisation of evoked dental sensation.

Series 3: Test this effect clinically.