Nassar Seifo


Dundee Dental School 2 Park Place Dundee DD1 4HR

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I graduated from University of Aleppo, Syria with a BSc in Dentistry in 2010 and got my Master's degree in paediatric dentistry in 2015 also from University of Aleppo.

Research Project Title: What Factors Influence the Uptake of a New Treatment Option for  Dental Primary Care Practitioners; the Example of Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF)

Research Subject Area: Paediatric Dentistry

Supervisors: Professor Nicola Innes, Dr John Radford & Dr Heather Cassie

Project description: Aim: The aim of this project is to carry out an evaluation of the uptake of a new treatment option through investigation of the factors that influence the use of SDF in the UK in primary dental care.


1- An appraisal of the current state of the evidence for SDF through a summary of systematic reviews and a Cochrane systematic review about SDF.

2- A multi-method study comprising:

A) Questionnaire about current practice and interviews with dental practitioners about SDF to explore the barriers and facilitators to its use in primary care.

B) Qualitative study involving conducting interviews with pediatric patients who will receive SDF treatment and their parents.

D) Working with Scottish Dental Clinical Effectiveness Program guideline development group regarding the recommendation for use of SDF in the UK.