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Project Title: COPPAS-control of pain from braces with patient advice sheers

Research Subject Area: Dental/Orthodontics/Pain

Supervisors: Professor David Bearn & Professor Grant McIntyre

Project Description: The aims of the study are to compare the analgesic property of acupressure with NSAIDs in controlling pain following orthodontic treatment.

The subjects will be eligible for inclusion in the study if they meet the inclusion and exclusion criteria as specified in the trial protocol.

Single centred randomised controlled trial with subjects recruited from Dundee Dental Hospital.  The subjects will be randomised to one of the groups, acupressure or NSAID group.

In the acupressure group the subjects will be advised to use a definitive accupressure point on the back of the hand region to control orthodontic pain. In the NSAID group the subjects will be given an advice sheet and advised to take Ibuprofen for the orthodontic pain. The subjects will be asked to measure the level and duration of pain and discomfort using a pain diary to record their experiences using visual analogue scales (VAS).