Evelyn Dunbar


Orthodontics Department, Level 5
Dundee Dental Hospital & School
Park Place
Dundee, DD1 4HR

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Project Title: Orthodontic reduction of an increased overbite in adolescents – a randomised controlled trial to determine the rate and mechanism of occlusal adaptation

Supervisors: Professor Grant McIntyre & Professor David Bearn

Project description: The correction of a deep overbite is assumed to involve incisor intrusion and the extrusion or eruption of premolars and molars. The latter is also assumed to be the major contributor for growing patients where the vertical facial growth increase accommodates for the additional eruption of posterior teeth with anterior bite plane appliances.


In this study the rate and nature of adaptation of the occlusal changes following insertion of a fixed anterior bite plane for the reduction of a deep overbite in growing patients will be investigated.