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I graduated from the University of Dundee with a BSc with Honours in Life Sciences in 2006. I have since worked as a research assistant in the field of clinical research.

Project Title: HUMANITY: Health edUcation and proMotion in refugee families: Address oral health Needs to Increase health liTeracY and social wellbeing. 

Supervisors: Professor Ruth Freeman & Dr Siyang Yuan

Healthcare in Scotland aims to reduce inequalities in health for its population and policy documents ensure asylum seekers and refugees the same rights and entitlement to health services as any other UK resident. However there is evidence (Burnett & Peel, 2001; Warfa et al., 2005) that these populations have a deficit in their health conditions. This study uses oral health as one example, nesting oral health within the common risk factor approach (Watt and Sheiham, 2012).

The aim of this study is to explore the concerns of refugee families about their health and oral health and to develop and evaluate a culturally sensitive programme to promote health and wellbeing.


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Watt, RG., & Sheiham, A. (2012). Integrating the common risk factor approach into a social determinants framework. Community Oral Epidemiol 2012; 40: 289-296.