Dr. Siyang Yuan

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Dundee Dental School

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 I am a Research Fellow and Principal Researcher of BEHAVE2 Study.  I am a dentist by professional background.  I started my public health track after I received my dental degree in Capital Medical University (China) in 2003.  I was fully funded by Swedish Government with STINT scholarship and received my Master degree in Public Health and Epidemiology in Umea University (Sweden) in 2004.  I did my PhD in dental public health and behavioural sciences in Queen’s University Belfast.   In regard to epidemiological experience, I had been working in China CDC for 4 years managing a National Disease Prevention Programme funded by the Global Fund to Fight Against HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.  This is the largest National Disease Control Programme funded by international funding body in China.

I have clinical experience of practising paediatric dentistry.  Being a mum and paediatric dentist has motivated me to explore further on what communication strategies could engage children (especially the younger ones) in treatment compliance and comprehending oral health information which could possibly improve their behaviour change in later life.  The BEHAVE2 Study that I am currently working on is therefore to explore answers for these questions.  It is to examine the triadic communication between dental professional, young child and parent for better understanding of their behaviour profiles and disentangling the underlying dynamic complexity in the triad.

My research interests reflect my background in behavioural dentistry and public health using social sciences theories:

[1]  dental professional-child-parent triadic communication;

[2]  health inequalities with a focus on oral health/health promotion of socially excluded groups.

In terms of international links, I am a visiting professor of Healthcare Communication in Nanjing Medical University.  I am leading a Special Interest Group (SIG) of Communication in Oral Healthcare in the International Association for Communication in Healthcare (EACH).  I am also a member of the Research Committee of EACH.  I have successfully organised and chaired a few SIG seminars with invited SIG members in exchanging thoughts and experiences in communication research and research-led teaching.

I am currently working on BEHAVE2 Study which is a concurrent mixed-methods study to explore triadic communication between dentist/nurse, young child of 2-5 years and parent in a primary dental care setting.  Based on this study, I developed a Behaviour Coding Scheme (PaeD-TrICS) to record the dentist/dental nurse-child-parent triadic interactive behaviours in dental settings, which could be used in other paediatric settings when suitably modified.  I am also competent in using the software Observer XT for conducting behaviour coding and analysis.

I am also leading an international special interest group in communication in oral healthcare within the International Association for Communication in Healthcare (EACH).


BDS:  Communicating with patients for Year 2, Year 3, Year 4

MDPH: Ethnicity and Oral Health

PG Summer School: Clinical communication


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