Clinical Lecturer in Periodontology/Associate Dean for Quality Assurance and Academic Standards


8th floor,
Dental Hospital & School,
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University of Dundee,
Dundee DD1 4HN


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I am principally involved in teaching and scholarship through my role as a Clinical Lecturer in Periodontology and as the 4th BDS Lead (see the Teaching section below).

Angiogenic factor levels in oral fluids and tissues in health and disease.

I am now principally involved in teaching and scholarship, although I am involved in co-supervision of MDSc students.

I am involved in teaching all aspects of undergraduate Clinical Periodontology through the clinical supervision of students on the clinic, lectures, tutorials, clinical skill practicals and seminars.  This teaching involves input to the teaching programme from 1st BDS to 4th BDS, although the majority of my teaching is in 3rd and 4th BDS.  Currently, I am the 4th BDS Lead who is responsible for the all aspects of the 4th BDS course including timetabling, compiling and running of the class, degree resit exams.  I have recently introduced a clinical spotter exam using QuestionMark Perception e-assessment software.  I also teach in other areas of dentistry including giving a seminar on Hypnosis in Dentistry as part of the 4th BDS Anxiety management course and previously I have given lectures in the Decontamination course. I am also a Cleanliness Champion mentor and an adviser of studies.

I have an interest in Medical Education and I have previously completed a Postgraduate Certificate in Medical Education (University of Dundee). I am currently working towards gaining a Diploma in Medical Education.

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