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Published Conference Abstracts

Chalmers J, Mason AG and Cadden SW (2005).   Nociceptive modulation of human jaw reflexes: involvement of post-synaptic inhibition.   J Dent. Res. 84 (Special Issue B): 111Ballantyne KMJ,

Chalmers J, Mason AG and Cadden SW (2005).   Reflex inhibition of different levels of human masseter muscle activity.   J Dent. Res. 84 (Special Issue B): 187

Chalmers J, Mason AG and Cadden SW (2006).   Susceptibility of Masseter Muscle Activity to Perio-dontally-Evoked Reflex Inhibition.   J Dent. Res. 85 (Special Issue B): 978


Additional presentations of work

SW Cadden, KMJ Ballantyne, J Chalmers, and AG Mason.   Background EMG activity and measurement of inhibitory jaw reflexes.   Store Kro, Iceland 2005 (by SWC)

Jennifer R Chalmers.  Periodontally Evoked Inhibition of Different Levels of Human Jaw Muscle Activity.  BDA/Dentsply Student Clinician Programme, London 2005

J Chalmers, AG Mason and SW Cadden.  Nociceptive stimulation affects the threshold but not the gain of human jaw reflexes.  Mastication Symposium, Brisbane Australia, 2006