Abdulghani Alarabi


Dundee Dental School 2 Park Place Dundee DD1 4HR

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BDS, Al-Arab Medical University, Libya (2003).

MDSc, University of Dundee, UK (2010).

Project title: Self-ligating Vs. conventional ligating orthodontic brackets (Smile aesthetic perspective): Prospective Randomised clinical Trial

Research subject area: Orthodontics

Supervisors: Professor David Bearn & Professor Peter Mossey

Today one of the primary goals of any kind of dental treatment is the achievement of balanced smile aesthetics, as patients increasingly attend dental clinics to improve their appearance.  The objective of the present study is to assess and compare the smile aesthetics created by the use of two orthodontic bracket systems in 180 patients aged between 10 and 18 years, 90 patients treated with the use of self-ligating fixed orthodontic appliances and 90 patients treated with conventionally ligating fixed orthodontic appliances as a part of randomised clinical trial. 


The assessment of smile aesthetics will be done by analysing and scoring subjectively and objectively.  The subjective evaluation will be undertaken by laypersons and dental professionals, while the objective assessment will be done by one principal examiner using a group of smile aesthetic parameters to develop a system that aims to provide a global smile aesthetic score which is easy to apply to assess and compare the smile aesthetics created by any kind of dental treatment.