Postgraduate Student Society

The newly formed Dundee Dental Postgraduate Students Society (DDPSS) is a student-run postgraduate society that aims to provide postgraduate students, studying within the field of Dentistry, with extracurricular academic and social opportunities.

The members of the DDPSS are all the postgraduate students within the dental school at the University of Dundee, full- and part-time. As a group we aim to:

  • support the post-grad students associated with the dental school
  • provide a postgraduate student representative body
  • provide a forum for internal and external speakers
  • offer chances of skill development; transferable and technical
  • create an informal atmosphere where post-grad students can meet to discuss their projects and share ideas and approaches to commonly encountered problems
  • provide an opportunity for post-grad students to formally give research updates
  • promote a research culture by allowing post-grad students the opportunity to mix socially and network with other research students within the Dental School

We do all of the above by holding seminars, social events, sport competitions and more.

We hope to see you at the next event!