Zagazig University Visits Dundee

We were delighted to welcome visitors from Zagazig University, Egypt, to Dundee University last month.
Wednesday, June 7, 2017
Visitors from Zagazig University and the Arab Society for Continuous Dental Education (ASCDE), Egypt, tour the Main Library with Andy Jackson (LLC) and Elspeth Barker (School of Dentistry).

Zagazig University (ZU) is located on the outskirts of Cairo and is the 7th largest public university in Egypt with over 115,000 students. It has recently been approved to open a public Dental Faculty with the programme commencing in September 2017 and in addition has plans to open a private Dental School in September 2019. 

This visit could be the first of many as the Dental School Executive has agreed an initial plan of visits by key Zagazig staff to Dundee to see how we deliver our BDS programme. There are also plans for UoD staff to provide two staff development workshops to Zagazig staff in country.

This relationship provides an opportunity to build a mutually supportive collaboration with ZU. Both the university and its President have been very supportive of the current activity by UoD in Cairo, and have on our behalf submitted for the MSc Orthodontics and the MSC Restorative Dental Care to be accredited by the Supreme Council of Universities (SCU). Although we are not currently recognised as a University in Egypt by the General Secretary of the SCU (Prof Ashraf Hatem), they have advised us to follow this route to gain accreditation and then equivalence.

Our current partner in Egypt, ASCDE, have committed to underwrite the cost of exchange visits and workshops to facilitate the collaboration getting off to a strong start.

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Zagazig University Visits Dundee