Let’s Talk About Mouth Cancer

Dundee Dental students raise money for mouth cancer awareness.
Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Members of the Dental School organised an acoustic night in the union, raising a total of £674.10, in aid of the team’s mission to educate people and bring attention to the risks of oral cancer.

Alex Scott, Let’s Talk About Mouth Cancer representative within the Dental School discusses why oral cancer is a prevalent issue for dental students and their patients alike, “As dental students we’ve quite a lot of contact with patients who possibly have a greater chance of mouth cancer and it’s in our field that we work in so it’s quite important to us to spread awareness and to let students know the risks of mouth cancer."

Chris Liversedge explains why generating awareness of oral cancer is such an imperative task, “People know about lung cancer and they know about different cancers like breast cancer that are obviously very common. However often people can turn a blind eye to oral cancer and won’t really address it until they’ve got it themselves.

Chris continued, “It’s raising awareness around oral cancer so people realise that if they find something suspicious in their mouth that they should get it checked out. We ensured there was information around the table making people aware of how many units are in certain drinks and what smoking can really do to your oral health.”

To read more about mouth cancer, or if you would like to get involved with the charity please click here

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Let’s Talk About Mouth Cancer