International coaching award for University of Dundee researcher

Work by the School of Dentistry's Dr Ayse Cinar recognised by experts
Thursday, April 6, 2017

The University of Dundee's Dr Ayse Cinar has landed the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) International Coaching Award for 'Smile Healthy to Your Diabetes', an international project to assess the impact of health coaching on oral health and type 2 diabetes management.

'Smile Healthy to Your Diabetes' saw selected patients randomly recruited to one of a health coaching or a health education group, where they received either one-to-one health coaching or education for the first six months, with follow-ups for the second six months. The success of the coaching was measured using clinical records and oral examinations, and a questionnaire documenting the patients' health behaviour.

The project lasted for five years, with the first phase run in Istanbul, Turkey between 2010-2012, and the second phase in Copenhagen, Denmark between 2012-2015.

Its primary findings were published in eight international journals and at more than 20 international congresses. They showed significant change in health behaviours and improvement in management of type 2 diabetes in the coaching groups both in Denmark and Turkey, with no significant change observed in the education groups -- demonstrating the importance and efficacy of coaching in both general and oral healthcare.

"It was exciting to note that improvement of HbA1C [3-month average blood glucose], periodontal health and health behaviours like physical activity, tooth brushing, self-efficacy and diabetes coping skills were significantly higher at the coaching groups compared to education groups, regardless of different nationalities and healthcare systems." Dr Cinar said.

"The current plan is to adopt this intervention to Scotland, however there is a need for an advanced and detailed process of planning for its organisation and management, and, of course, funding."

"International organisations highlight the urgent need for person-centred behavıoural approaches focusing on patient empowerment to tackle diabetes, a global growing pandemic. Health coaching can be a great example of this approach, and even a complementary therapy for effective diabetes and oral health management."

"My own coaching journey is about leading others through coaching to create their own life journeys via mindful positive transformations. I believe via coaching we -- me, my patients, colleagues, stakeholders -- ACT-LEARN-GROW together to change tomorrows for the better, and every patient or focus person can become an entrepreneur to take the ownership of their future."

Dr Cinar was nominated for her award by experts in the fields of coaching and mentoring, and was named winner by a panel of EMCC country presidents, chaired by EMCC International President, Dr Lise Lewis.

The panel assessed entries based on whether they were representative of EMCC membership, aligned to EMCC focus and strategy, its inspiration to others, and focus on both mentoring and coaching.

This is just the latest success for Dr Cinar, who was also named among the CHRO Asia '100 Best Global Coaching Leaders' and the World Health and Wellness Congress ‘50 Outstanding Women in Healthcare’ earlier this year.

The EMCC exists to promote good practice and the expectation of good practice in mentoring and coaching across Europe. For more information, visit the EMCC website

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International coaching award for University of Dundee researcher