Get Involved: Social Justice Challenge

Work with a range of organisations/charities on prevalent social justice issues.
Wednesday, January 31, 2018

We are delighted to announce the University of Dundee’s Social Justice Challenge, which is launching on 28 February.

Are you a first, second or third year student and interested in social justice issues? Do you want to make a difference and work with other students on issues that really matter? Then the Social Justice Challenge is for you!

A range of organisations/charities will present an issue relevant to social justice at our launch event. You will then work in small groups with a variety of students from across the university. Your group will be ‘matched’ with an organisation/charity that is best suited to you and your interests. You will work together to create a solution to the social justice issue and present this to the other groups at the final session.

The Social Justice Challenge will run every Wednesday afternoon for four weeks from 28 February until 28 March. All students who participate will earn an 'Open Badge' and the group with the best presentation will win tickets to the Graduation Ball.  

To apply, please email Shona: with your name, what year you're in and your school.  

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Get Involved: Social Justice Challenge