Dental Elective: Yasmine's Story

A message from dental student Yasmine, from her exciting elective!
Monday, July 24, 2017

Hello everyone! I’m currently in Cambodia and for the past week I have been in the Preah Vihea Province at the Thailand border carrying out dental treatment. We started off in Fiji at the Mission at Natuvu Creek giving dental treatment to people in the surrounding villages.

In Fiji we did some snorkelling and saw the Cannibal Caves. It was a steep trek up a mountain but the views were great!

We then travelled to New Zealand and Taipei for our time off in between the two dental portions of our elective. Dentists haven't visited this area for over twenty years and so the clinic has been incredibly busy and we have treated over four hundred patients in three and a half days. We have also featured on Cambodian news along with our army escort!

Next week we are in another province for our final week of dentistry volunteering. 

All in all, the long hauls flights and mosquito bites have definitely been worth it!


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Dental Elective: Yasmine's Story