Innovative Learning

Advanced & Supportive

As our students will testify, teaching at Dundee Dental School is innovative, advanced and hugely supportive. This is why we consistently rank among Britain’s leading schools in preparing students of dentistry and oral health sciences for professional life, graduate studies or to follow an academic pathway.

As well as developing a full range of clinical skills, undergraduate  students from their first year build a strong foundation of scientific knowledge on which clinical practice is based – the biomedical sciences of anatomy, physiology and biochemistry.

Anatomy and Phantom Heads

Dundee is the only University in the UK to embalm bodies using the Thiel soft-fix method, which preserves them with life-like flexibility and tissue quality. Our Thiel cadavers are in regular use for training in surgical and diagnostic procedures and anatomy teaching.

The cadavers provide the most realistic mouths and jaws to train students in the most difficult of dental tasks such as mandibular block injections.

Our teaching laboratories have been recently refurbished and updated and are equipped with the most up-to-date 3D facilities for anatomy teaching. Students have the opportunity to combine actual cadaveric dissection with 3D digital interaction and visualization which takes learning to a new level.

One of the striking teaching areas is our “Phantom Head” theatre. There are 38 simulators each with fully functional dental training apparatus such as drills and an intraoral camera. The patient is an upper torso manikin. Students can watch demonstrations on their own monitor.

Undergraduates are taught how to manage dental caries (drilling and filling), periodontal treatment (scaling and cleaning), endodontics (root canal), fixed prosthodontics (preparing teeth for crowns and bridges) and surgical dentistry.


In the UK, Dental Outreach focusses on the 'hands-on' delivery of primary dental care in NHS clinics.

On average, each BDS student spends around 70 days on outreach during their final year. We have seven outreach centres, in east and north Scotland: Kings Cross (Dundee), Arbroath, Cupar, Kirkcaldy, Broxden (Perth), Aberdeen and Inverness.

With the exception of Aberdeen and Inverness, where students spend one week at a time, students attend the other centres on a day release basis. At any one time, 30 students would be away from the Dental School on Outreach.  

Students really enjoy Outreach. The clinics are very busy so they have the opportunity to treat many patients – who in turn are very grateful for the care provided. Outreach is a truly excellent preparation for professional practice.

At Dundee Dental School, students are taught and mentored by highly motivated University and NHS staff. We see the School as a community – a community that serves the community of Dundee and beyond.