I would like to welcome you to the impact section of the University of Dundee School of Dentistry website. The aim of the Impact section on the website is to provide an insight into the significant impact of dental research in improving clinical practice and patient care, educational outcomes, public engagement, boosting the local economy and making a significant contribution to the University of Dundee and beyond.

The impact pages will illustrate the value of the research being carried out and the interaction with colleagues locally, nationally and internationally in pursuing the best research. The Dental School research strategy takes account of the University’s overall vision of “changing lives and improving health and wellbeing” and the vision is stated as “to focus on collaborating to improve human health, oral health and wellbeing, whilst contributing to design and implementation of the future health technologies, health services and health informatics”.

Professor Peter Mossey,
Associate Dean for Dental Research,
University of Dundee

Public Engagement

The School of Dentistry exists for the dual purpose of educating and training the next generation of dental health professionals who are not only dentists but also other allied health professionals and to serve the public by providing high quality dental care. We engage effectively with the general public in Dundee and undergraduate students in Dundee have a reputation for engaging with the public in promoting good dental and oral health, smoking cessation and a range of other public health measures through periodic events such as oral cancer awareness week, world oral health day and this reflects the commitment for the communication of dental research findings through public lectures, school visits and open day events. If you would like to assist us whilst receiving free dental care, we at Dundee Dental Hospital and School would love to hear from you. For more information click here.

Clinical Impact

Our research aims to produce and use the best evidence to inform various aspects of clinical practice in primary care dentistry, to find out more about the predisposing and risk factors for cleft lip and palate; and to enhance the delivery of the best dental care to the vulnerable groups in the population. 

Economic Impact

The School of Dentistry punches well above its weight in the attraction of national, European and other international research grant funding. This not only advances knowledge exchange and improves the evidence base for clinical practice but conducting this research involves employment of research personnel and in some instances attracts investments from industrial collaborators. 

Education Impact

The BDS curriculum at Dundee University School of Dentistry is highly rated internationally and aims to integrate basic and clinical sciences from first BDS through the 5 years until graduation. Feedback indicates that this is well received by students and the BDS course at the University of Dundee consistently achieves the accolade of best student experience among UK Dental Schools. The staff in Dundee dental school are highly skilled teachers and researchers, are highly motivated to achieve the best student learning experience and have recently introduced a programme to INSPIRE dental undergraduates to become more aware of and more engaged with dental research. 

Latest news on our teaching and impact can be found here.