Evaluation of the Childsmile @ HIC database


Health Informatics Centre Services (HIC) is a research support unit within the University of Dundee. In collaboration with Dental Health Services Research Unit (DHSRU) HIC provides continuing development and support of the electronic data collection system underpinning the Childsmile service.

The Childsmile @ HIC database began in 2006 and has been refined and developed in line with the establishment and growth of the various Childsmile Programme elements. The re-designed and integrated software was adopted by all Scottish Health Boards by early 2010. The Childsmile @ HIC database supports the Childsmile Core, Nursery and School, and Practice elements of the Childsmile Programme. It provides a common platform to all 14 NHS boards for reporting, planning and delivery, and monitoring of activity within each of the elements of the Childsmile Programme. 

Aims and Objectives

The key users of the Childsmile @ HIC database are Childsmile frontline staff, Childsmile Coordinators, Consultants in Dental Public Health, Clinical Directors of Dental Services/CADOs, Programme Directors and Programme Managers. The Childsmile @ HIC database is regularly refined based on new developments to the Childsmile Programme and feedback from the Childsmile IT user group representatives.

The needs and behaviours of all key users are important for the continuing success of health informatics applications and e-health initiatives. Therefore, this evaluation aims to explore the extent to which the current Childsmile @ HIC database meets the needs of programme users.  All registered users of the Childsmile at HIC database have been invited to participate in the evaluation. Data is being collected via the on-line survey tool, Qualtrics. All users have been sent an e-mail with a secure link to the consent form and survey questionnaire. The findings will inform future development of the Childsmile @ HIC database.


HIC Services, University of Dundee, provides the Childsmile database and associated functions to support the operation, monitoring and evaluation of Childsmile. The Childsmile @ HIC survey will provide feedback from users in order to refine, develop and improve the database and to make sure that the database continues to meet hte needs of its users.

Research Team

Dental Health Services Research Unit


  • Kim Chalmers, Childsmile Programme Manager - East Region
  • Kim Fraser, Childsmile Programme Manager - North Region
  • Peter King, Childsmile Programme Manager - West Region

Health Informatics Centre Services (HIC)