Dundee Dental Insight

School pupil work experience programme

Dental students of Dundee Dental School feel strongly about encouraging young people to seek a career in dentistry by providing them with experiences to learn about life as a dental student at the University of Dundee.  We all know that gaining work experience is a requirement for entry to dental school, and it’s not always easy to find!  This is the first initiative to help aspiring dentists gain the experience they require.

Feedback from DDI class of 2016 pupils:

[DDI] was very good and given that it was a first attempt it can only get better. I was initially very nervous but that dissipated very early on the first day when I realised everyone there were very fun, welcoming and cheerful. The students also made it an amazing experience, which has developed both my knowledge of dentistry but also my confidence as a whole. So thank you very much :) 

Meeting new people with the same interests has allowed me to form a network of friends! We talk regularly and have recently met at open days, it is nice to have people in the same situation as you which I feel would not be possible without Dundee Dental School. 

I'd like to thank the team of students as well as the teaching staff for organising and delivering the course. It always strikes me how dedicated all the students are and how they all share a great love for the university.

Dundee Dental Insight is managed solely by 3rd and 4th year dental students at the University Dundee and works closely with Dundee Dental Hospital & School, NHS Tayside and the University of Dundee to deliver this programme.

This is the news story from last year:


The video of the 2016 event can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=omUjQD7BYcA

Dates for DDI 2018

Applications: February 2018 

Places allocated: March 2018 

Week 1: 25 till 27 June

We will have 25 pupils visiting us each week.



Day 1

Day 2

Day 3



What is dentistry

Preparation for clinics

Tour of campus


Life as a Dundee Dental Student

Clinical Skills Activity


Applying to Dental School

UCAS Personal Statements, UCAT & MMI




Shadowing on 3rd year student clinics & staff clinics


Dundee Dental Insight – FAQs  

What is the eligibility criteria for applying to the dental insight event? 

To be eligible to apply you must be a S5 pupil in Scotland, have predicted grades that meet the minimum entry requirements, have a keen interest in studying dentistry and a supportive reference from a school teacher. 

Where can I stay in Dundee? 

Unfortunately, we cannot provide accommodation for you, however there are a wide range of hotels and B&Bs near to the University. The closest hotel is the Queen’s hotel (on Perth Road), and there is also a Travelodge on West Marketgait which would be a maximum 5-minute walk to the Dental School.  

What should I wear to the event? 

You should wear smart dress that is appropriate for clinics.  You will be issued with a tunic to wear on day 1.  Clinics sometimes get very warm so we advise that if you want to wear clothing under your tunic a light vest / tank top is best.  In addition to the tunic that we issue you, you should wear smart trousers or skirts (knee length or below). No jeans, leggings or short skirts are permitted. You must wear closed toe shoes that cover your feet.  Preferably you should wear smart shoes and not trainers.  School uniform is not required. 

If you do not adhere to this dress code then you will not be permitted to attend clinics.

What do I need to bring?  

The Dental Insight team will be in touch closer to the event detailing what you need to bring with you.  

When should I arrive and where should we meet?  

Please be at the Dental School by 10am each day as this is when the morning sessions will begin. We will send out further guidance on where to meet closer to the time.  

Will there be somewhere safe to store valuables during the day?  

Yes – there will be a locked room for you to store your belongings each day.  

How do I get regular updates about the event? 

Follow us on Facebook! @Dundee Dental Insight

There is a Facebook group for pupils with confirmed places only, we will invite you to the group.

Who is organizing the event? 

The Dundee Dental Insight team is composed of Dental students at Dundee University.  

How many places are available? 

Places are limited.  There are 25 places available in total, there is only one week this year.  This is the maximum capacity of the Dundee Dental Insight programme, therefore we have a strict selection process.   

Will attending this event increase my chances of getting into Dental School? 

Your participation at this event will not affect your chance of getting into Dental School, however it will be an invaluable experience that you can reflect on in your personal statement and interview.  

If you have any more questions, please feel free to get in contact with us on Facebook @Dundee Dental Insight or email dentalinsight@dundee.ac.uk  

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/dentalinsightdundee

Email: dentalinsight@dundee.ac.uk