Dr. Sucharita Nanjappa

Lecturer in Dental Public Health


Room T9 020
9th Floor , Dental School
University of Dundee
Park Place
Dundee DD1 4HN

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+44 (0)1382381 713

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Sucharita Nanjappa graduated in dentistry (BDS) from the University of Mangalore, India. She completed an MSc in Dental Public Health from the University of London and was invited to stay on to do a Ph.D., which was awarded by the University of London in 2012.

During her post-doctoral appointment as a Research Fellow with the Dental Health Services Research Unit, University of Dundee, she worked with service designers to develop a communication toolkit (Chatterbox) to facilitate communication between socially excluded families and community dental health support workers.

Sucharita was appointed Lecturer in Dental Public Health in November 2014.


CHATTERBOX service evaluation: Evaluation of the CHATTERBOX intervention, an evidence-based communication tool based around improving communication and building relationships through interactive storyboarding.

Childsmile @ HIC Online Survey: A web based survey to evaluate the extent to which the current Childsmile @ HIC database meets the needs of programme users.

DAPER III: A field trial to identify parents’ dental-related concerns and assess if a tailored intervention (CHATTERBOX) by Dental Health Support Workers (DHSWs) would enable parents to access dental care for their child.

Involved in all aspects of the development and delivery of the Masters in Dental Public Health Programme

Involved in 3rd and 4th BDS Oral Health Promotion teaching

Deliver yearly lectures (since 2013) to medical students as part of the Cross-Cultural Medicine SSC module.

Nanjappa, S. and Freeman, R. (2014) CHATTERBOX: developing and piloting an interactive communication toolkit for engaging families with dental services. Journal of Nursing & Care (In Press)

Nanjappa, S., Chambers, S., Marcenes, W., Richards, D., Freeman, R. (2014) A theory led narrative review of one-to-one health interventions: the influence of attachment style and client provider relationship on client adherence. Health Education Research 

Peer Reviewed Publication

Pau, A., S. Nanjappa and S. Diu (2010). Evaluation of dental practitioners with special interest in minor oral surgery. British Dental Journal 208(3): 103-107

Project Reports

Nanjappa, S and Croucher, R. Dentaid Equipment Programme Independent Evaluation 2007. Online publication. http://www.dentaid.org/whatwedo/equipmentevaluation


Nanjappa, S., Lindsay, R., White, H., Freeman, R. CHATTERBOX. The Value of Design Research. 11th Annual Academy of Design Conference, Paris Descartes University Institute of Psychology, Boulogne Billancourt, France, 2015.

Nanjappa, S., Fulke, S., Lindsay, R., Freeman, R. Developing CHATTERBOX: A toolkit to facilitate oral health communication and parental empowerment. 19th Congress of the European Association of Dental Public Health, Gothenburg, Sweden 12-14 June 2014.

Nanjappa, S., Chambers, S., Fulke, S., Lindsay, R., Freeman, R. The Chatterbox intervention to enable Child dental registration and attendance: a collaboration between dentistry and design. Annual Public Health Conference, Crieff 2012.

Marcenes, W., Nanjappa, S., Perceived Family Function and Dental Caries Experience in Adults. IADR, San Diego 2011.

Nanjappa, S., Hector, M.P., Marcenes, W., Family related factors and sugar consumption frequency of pre-school children. IADR, Barcelona 2010.

Diu, S., Nanjappa, S., Pau, A., DPwSI Oral Surgery Scheme Evaluation. PEF IADR, London 2008.


CMDN Research Symposium. Crieff Hydro, Crieff, 27th February 2015. Inequalities: Barriers to the implementation of a toolkit to promote inclusion of socially excluded mothers in dental care.

Childsmile Symposium. Beardmore Hotel, Glasgow, 29th October 2014.  Developing CHATTERBOX: A Toolkit to Facilitate Oral Health Communication and Parental Empowerment

National Oral Health Promotion Group (NOHPG) Study Day, parallel session. The Grand Central Hotel, Glasgow, 20th June 2014. CHATTERBOX: engaging with vulnerable families for oral health.

Dundee Dental School Open Seminars, Dundee, 28th May 2014. CHATTERBOX: engaging with vulnerable families for oral health.

Childsmile Evaluation Board Meeting. Glasgow Dental School, Glasgow, 2nd May 2014. CHATTERBOX: the impact of individual and organisational factors on DHSWs’ engagement with vulnerable families in their homes.

CMDN Research Symposium. Crieff Hydro, Crieff, 21st February 2014. From Family functioning to CHATTERBOX: engaging with vulnerable families for oral health.

Scottish Oral Health Improvement Network (SOHIN) meeting. Thistle House, Edinburgh, 19th June 2013. CHATTERBOX.

Population Health Sciences Seminar. Mackenzie Building, University of Dundee, 9th May 2012. Family functioning and sugar consumption in 3 and 4 year olds in Outer North East London.