Dr. Siyang Yuan

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Dundee Dental School

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Siyang Yuan completed her bachelor degree in dentistry in 2003 from Capital Medical University (Beijing, China).  Despite no previous professional or research experience in health science, she was awarded the STINT scholarship (the Swedish Foundation for International Cooperation in Research and Higher Education) in the same year of her graduation with a BDS degree for her distinct performance in dental study and interests in public health to study a master programme of Public Health and Epidemiology in School of International Public Health/WHO Collaborating Center in Umeå University (Sweden).  She was then funded the Dental Public Health Research Scholarship from Queen’s University Belfast and completed her PhD in Dental Public Health (2007) with a focus on the oral health promotion in socially excluded groups of mothers and young children.


Before she returned to her home country after 4 years of postgraduate study, she spent a year as a research assistant in Dental Health Services Research Unit in University of Dundee conducting a needs assessment study on informing the delivery of oral health and oral health care in the north of Scotland for the Secondary Care Services in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Orthodontics and Restorative Dentistry.


Between 2008 and 2012, she was appointed as a National Programme Officer in Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention on the largest international collaborating programme funded by Chinese government and the Global Fund to Fight Against HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria (total funding over $ 1 billion (USD)).  This national health programme aimed to provide health interventions to targeted populations (i.e. vulnerable groups such as sex workers, drug users, people living in poverty and socially excluded groups such as ethnic minority people) through empowerment of excluded peoples, improved the advocate role of primary health care professionals and strengthened health systems.   She took an active role in providing public health expertise on the implementation of these public health interventions, providing training for the primary health care workers, offering on-site support and supervision, and evaluating the epidemiological data retrieved from the internet-based reporting system. 


In terms of clinical work, Siyang is a registered dentist with Chinese Dental Council and spent a few years practicing general dentistry in China with a special interest in Paediatric Dentistry. She received clinical training in paediatric dentistry from Peking University Dental Hospital.

Her current research interests focus on:


  • Social determinants of oral health and health

  • Oral health interventions

  • Communication research in oral health care

  • Childsmile Programme: The Behave 2 Project
  • An Audit of Sedation Service Provision in Primary Dental Care in NHS Highland

MDPH: Ethnicity and Oral Health


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