Improving health and well-being

The strategy from Dentistry is to lead innovative research to improve outcomes for people with life-limiting conditions and disability and to ensure better futures for children, families and socially excluded groups. Our research activities are grouped under two multi-disciplinary work-streams. The overall aim of Dental Research is to collaborate to improve human health, oral and dental health and well‐being, while contributing to the design and effective implementation of future health technologies and health, information and knowledge services.

Improving outcomes for Dental CareImproving outcomes for ChildrenImproving outcomes for Oral CareImproving outcomes for AdultsImproving outcomes through technology

This vision seeks to take forward a focussed approach to research, aligned to the wider direction of the University as a whole. In collaboration with our colleagues in the School of Nursing and Midwifery, the Dental School has developed two overarching themes and a shared approach to opportunities linked to the research strengths of each School. These are

  1. Long-term conditions, disability and disease
  2. Maternal, Child and Family Health

In addition to the above consideration given to cross-cutting areas of common research strength and focus, such as in health inequalities and e-health.

This strategy will be used to advance research with a focus on:

  1. Population Health Sciences (including Dental Health Services Research and Evidence Based Dentistry)
  2. Cariology (including Dental Health Services Research and Evidence Based Dentistry)
  3. Craniofacial abnormalities (incorporating the WHO Collaborating Centre)
  4. Oral Cancer - with contributions to the Dundee Cancer Centre

One of the distinctive features of the School of Dentistry research environment is to support our educational programmes across a range of research areas with high demand for taught PG Masters courses, and the need to have research expertise and facilities to support projects as a component part of these programmes.

The Dental School is also committed to furthering Evidence Based Dentistry – both primary evidence and evidence synthesis - including the delivery of research-led teaching combined with the provision of clinically effective care delivered in a research supportive environment, including the NHS.

Similarly, we collaborate increasingly with cognate areas across Medicine, Dentistry and Nursing and Health Sciences, with Population Health Sciences, the Centre for Applied Health Research and Cancer being shared themes and we increasingly, collaborate across the wider University, where there is common interest with other Colleges at the University, including for example work with Engineering and Forensic Anthropology. There is also collaboration with colleagues in other Universities across Scotland, in particular with the  University of Glasgow in the areas identified by the Scottish Governments Dental Research Strategy for Scotland and with other collaborators at leading centres across the UK, the NHS and internationally.